Our products lead to the most effective law enforcement trainings possible. Engineered and installed entirely by us, we lead the way with cutting-edge solutions, including:

Pop-up Target System

Target Mechanism is designed for mobile use in electronic target ranges or on moving trolleys and permits realistic training with live ammunition using small arms and rifles of different calibers.

Rotary Target System

The target boards can be turned from friend to foe either in a standing position or horizontally when invisible for the shooter

Moving Target System

The Target Trolley which carry 3 target systems, is capable of moving. It travels over a rail track, the length of which can be selected by user.

Box Target Scoring System

The system consists of the sensor array in the base of the wooden box target. A projectile passing the target chamber generates a shock wave which is detected by the sensitive detectors of the sensor array.

Milo Range

Interactive training provides custom, innovative simulation-training products and services to law enforcement, security and public safety agencies.

Monorail System

The ceiling-mounted target transport system moves the targets easily to the firing distance(s) or back to the shooters line for viewing the results and patching the shot holes.

Optionally a target rotary drive is available, turning the target at the last firing distance visible / invisible, this either manually controlled or via the micro-processor programming unit.

The standard track length of the target transport system is either 50 m or 25m. Optionally up to five intermediate distances are available. They are controlled via a selector switch from the firing position of each shooter.