To ensure that your force or department is completely prepared for any and all types of shooting scenarios, it is critical that training activities closely mimic real-life encounters.

Effective firearms training requires much more than simply shooting at a stationary target. In the real world, threats move, hide behind cover, and protect themselves behind innocent hostages. Eliminating threats requires precision, split-second decision making, and endurance.

Single/Double Rotary Pop-up Target System

Target Boards will pop-out from hidden position. System can be with single target or double targets. If target system is Rotary than target boards can be turned from friend to foe either in a standing position or horizontally when invisible for the shooter.

Portable Infantry Target System

The system is fully programmable providing the user with the capability to program the target system to respond to a variety of performance actions and to provide a feedback on shooting performance.

Due to its portability and ease of use, it is the ideal equipment for field training for target indication, target distance estimate & Rapid Force Units.

Electronic Box Target Scoring System

The system consists of the sensor array in the base of the wooden box target. A projectile passing the target chamber generates a shock wave which is detected by the sensitive detectors of the sensor array.

The data are transferred to the Intelligent Display Unit IVDU to provide an instant, accurate feedback of the shooters performance in relation to the target.

Infantry Moving Target System

The Target Trolley which carry target systems, is capable of moving. It travels over a rail track, the length of which can be selected by user.With a maximum speed of 10 km/h and the ability to climb and descend gradients of 5%.Permits live fire exercises under the most realistic conditions. And can be used in indoor and outdoor ranges.

Monorail System

The ceiling-mounted target transport system moves the targets easily to the firing distance(s) or back to the shooters line for viewing the results and patching the shot holes. Optionally a target rotary drive is available, turning the target at the last firing distance visible / invisible, this either manually controlled or via the micro-processor programming unit.

The standard track length of the target transport system is either 50 m or 25m. Optionally up to five intermediate distances are available. They are controlled via a selector switch from the firing position of each shooter.